TS and S Aerospace – Case Study

Partnering with industry, supporting airlines

A world class overhaul facility

TS&S Aerospace was established in 2014, born from the Engine Services division of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies, which has over 23 years of experience in overhauling a wide range of aircraft engines. “Our aim is to be the partner of choice for aviation customers globally, by offering them flexible, tailor-made solutions, at a competitive rate” explains Kashish Kohli, Chief Financial Officer of TS&S Aerospace. TS&S Aerospace prides itself on being approved by major OEMs and airworthiness authorities, adherent to stringent manufacturer requirements on capabilities. “We are driving the relationship with major OEMs in the market in order to enable ourselves to become a world class MRO and producer”, says Ian Taylor, Vice President Sales and Commercial. In 2013, TS&S Aerospace and Rolls-Royce plc announced the development of a new centre of excellence capable of supporting the next generation of Trent XWB large turbofan engines.

Servicing the globe from Abu Dhabi

TS&S Aerospace has customers located around the world, including Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The offerings provided to these long-term customers are tailored to meet specific requirements. As an MRO service provider, TS&S Aerospace’s spare engine requirements differ from an airline. “When customers come to us, they often require spare engines” describes Ian, “for us to hold spare engines is not necessarily beneficial to our organisation, but we recognise that we have to support our customers operationally when required, whether that be for regular maintenance, AOGs, or turn time exceedance”. MROs are requested to provide loaner engines to airlines whilst airline owned engines are undergoing repair or overhaul. This can either be because the airline does not have their own spare engine, or because they have a spike in demand which requires additional assets.

An alternative source of spare engine provision

RRPF offers an alternative source of funding to MROs and airlines, financing high value engine assets. As Kashish explains, “we look to our leasing partners to offer the financing solutions, because through leasing partners which have access to pooling a variety of assets, as well as a lower cost of capital, they can offer better solutions and create a win-win situation.” RRPF and TS&S Aerospace have been working together on V2500-A5 spare engine support since 2011.

A flexible partnership

The airline market is a demanding one.  “We look for flexibility, support and value for money” says Ian, “customers demand different things depending on the situation and the location; we need to pass those onto the partner, and that partner has to be flexible enough to accommodate our customers’ needs.” Long term relationships are core to RRPF’s business given the nature of asset financing; ‘Partner’ is in the name.  “We are very pleased with our relationship with Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance” says Kashish, “there innovative and flexible approach has not only helped us to provide inclusive solutions to our customers, but at the same time it has helped us in managing our cash flows and providing the predictability to our profitability”.

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