The engine leasing company with the largest global portfolio of Rolls-Royce and V2500-A5 engines

Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance Ltd (RRPF) was established as a separate business in 1989 to assist customers purchasing spare Rolls-Royce aero engines. We provide customers with tailored financial solutions such as long term operating leases. We were the first manufacturer affiliated engine leasing company and now manage the largest global portfolio of Rolls-Royce and IAE V2500-A5 engines.

We support over fifty customers around the world, from established flag carriers to the big airlines of the future. We understand the importance of long-term relationships with our customers. We work closely in partnership with our customers to understand their needs so that we can better help them achieve their aspirations.

Our shareholders are Rolls-Royce plc and GATX Corporation.

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An introduction to the spare engine market

Typical engine maintenance requires an engine it to be removed from the aircraft. Spare engines are needed by airlines to ensure that they are able to continue to fly their aircraft while this work is undertaken. Depending on the airline’s operation and engine reliability, at least one spare engine will be required to support five twin-engine aircraft. A spare engine list price varies with the aircraft application but can range from $5m to $34m (2013 price levels). It is expected that 5,200 spare engines with a list price of c.$65bn (2013 price levels) will be required over the next 20 years from 2013.

The airline business is not an easy business, it is very difficult and it needs flexibility… one of the reasons we are glad we went with RRPF is we have this flexibility.

Aminuddin Zakaria
SVP Airline Engineering Group,
Malaysia Airlines